Backyard club in hackney wick

Hi thereDoes anyone know about the backyard club in Hackney wick that was on the edge of Eastway in the 1960s. I have a bad photo


  1. Where is your photo? You can put photos in the forum see this page

  2. do you mean the 59 club at St Marys Church?

  3. Hi no not the 59 club. trying to figure out how to upload pictures. sorry this is my first time on these forums and I feel about 100 as I am baffled by technology. I think it was set up as a reaction to teh eastway construction

  4. Hi @torange73 can you either send me the url of where it is now if it is online, or email it to me emily [at] and I will add it for you

  5. Here is @torange73‘s photo

  6. here’s the now (streetview) pic The streetview link

  7. mmm the buildings are different. Did they rebuild it. Will go tomorrow to investigate further and will keep everyone posted

  8. hmmm, that’s 22 Eastway, there are similarities, but not the same building.

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