Awesome gigs at the Hackney Attic – October 2012

Muntu Valdo Friday 12 October. 8.00. £7


Muntu Valdo is internationally recognised as one of the most talented musicans and composers from Cameroon. He delivers his unique ‘Sawa Blues’ solo with guitar & harmonica using live technology to underpin his powerful melodies mixing multi-layered loops and mysterious sound textures with an armada of pedals at his feet. Mesmerising! The night will also feature special live painting by Pia Cabble. 


Saturday 13 October. 8.00 – late. £6 / £5 / £4


Lock on for another mega Autumn Session middle of the weekend mash-up! We’re going to be skanking big style to the deep reggae vibes of Babilondon; you’ve got to see them! Karen Be is also on the bill mixing multi-instrumentalism with multi-culturalism harvesting sultry harmonies

beatsbass grooves and tasty guitar riffs. There’s also a strong spoken word flavour to the evening Curious engaging your brain with some curious & powerful poetic formations and the legend Jazzman John Clarke will blow you away with his incredible beat poetry accompanied by double bassist Nick Kacal! Unusual epic groovy; settle in to the Autumn Session.


Thursday 18 October 8.00. £4 / £3 Concs / £2 Members

COOL AS FOLK: Phillious Williams // The Beguilers // Ali Warren

Phillious Williams is maybe a real person or maybe he’s just a name in the Cutty Sark clipper ship logbook. The tales told of him from father to son said that he gambled things that were not his to gamble travelled a lot drank constantly got in heaps of trouble with women. Thus if you could smell a Phillious Williams track you’d get the tang of sweat smoke and whiskey; love songs written for men with regrets. // The Beguilers are a recently formed F-IRE Collective band that bring together tender mellifluous singing and sensitively crafted song-writing. These elements are woven into the narratives of poems by William Blake Shakespeare Joyce and others bringing their images and metaphors to life with finely wrought harmonies and luscious melodies. // In Ali Warren’s own words “Music has given me an excuse to shout a lot whilst being able to call it an art form” though his singing is more of a rich Jeff Buckley croon than a shout. As a country boy who bucked the school system moved to London with nothing but a pair of flip-flops and whose heroes range from Fela Kuti to Doris Day his melodies never tire and his lyrics are never short of substance.


Friday 19 October. 8.00-Late. Free Entry51 SHADES OF CRAY: The RepriseTHRICE AS NICE & YO! MAMA are ready to reload! Shades of Cray is BACK (now 51 of them) by huge demand @ Hackney’s premier jump off THE ATTIC! Featuring a hot mix of Baile Funk Crunk Hip Hop RnB Bmore & Guilty Pleasures. It is 100% guaranteed to be WILD! This is the only way to start your Weekend and with FREE ENTRY all night you won’t find anywhere better to get hot & sweaty. KANYE + KIM 4 LIFE!


Last Shop Standing Filmphonics

Sunday 21 October. 7.30. £9 / £8 Concs / £7 Members


“You are never going to discover Captain Beefheart or the 13th Floor Elevators or the Velvet Underground in your local supermarket ever.” – Richard Hawley

Last Shop Standing inspired by Graham Jones’ book of the same name takes you behind the counter to discover why nearly 2000 record shops have disappeared across the UK. The film charts the rapid rise of record shops in the 60’s 70’s and 80’s the influence of the chart the underhand deals the demise of vinyl and rise of the CD as well as new technologies. Hear from over 20 record shop owners and music industry leaders as well as musicians including Paul Weller Johnny Marr Norman Cook Billy Bragg Nerina Pallot Richard Hawley and Clint Boon as they all tell us how the shops became and still are a part of their own musical education.

“Engaging and punchy documentary” – MOJO Magazine

Wonderful Guardian/Observer review



Hackney Colliery Band Curates

Thursday 25 October. 8.00. £7.

HACKNEY COLLIERY BAND CURATES Featuring Urban Voices CollectiveThe Hackney Colliery Band wonder if you’ve ever wanted to hear crunchy electronica welded to a 6-piece horn section plus sousaphone? A beat-boxer going head to head(s) with two drummers? Some of the UK’s finest exponents of the spoken word mashed together with a nine-piece marching sound machine? The nine-piece brass ‘n beats behemoth wonder so much that they’ve herded a collection of their favourite musicians and artists to produce these truly unique moments on our stage.We’re extremely excited to announce that Hackney Colliery Band collaborators will be their chart-topping partners in crime from the Olympic Closing Ceremony the Urban Voices Collective!Tickets: £7

Blues in the Attic

Friday 26th October. 8.00-late. £10 (including dance class)Blues In The AtticSwing Patrol’s new monthly Blues dance night is heading up North-East for October for a special Hackney edition. Usually taking over (literally!) Upstairs at the Ritzy we’re very lucky to have them in Hackney for this absolute blinder of a night. Each month (usually in Brixton) there is a beginner lesson followed by hours of social dancing with live music and the best DJs in London. This night is accessible to any kind of taste and preference… with music will ranging from vintage female Blues to Delta Chicago Texas Louisiana Piedmont British Funky and of course modern Blues. You will be able to explore your dancing with these different styles in a relaxed and friendly environment. With a bar… The perfect place to wind down after a busy week.** WITH LIVE MUSIC FROM BARRY JACKSON & BOB MORGAN ** Doors open 7.45pm 200 tickets available to buy in advance here: Costs: £10 (including dance class)

Swing Dance Of the Dead

Saturday 27 October. 8.30. £6 / £5 Concs / £4 Members



Plus Swing Patrol Dance Workshop: 7.30. £8 // £6 with gig tkt

The incredible Cakewalk Cafe Orchestra pander to their vile side as ‘In It To Swing It’ gets its spook on. Master snake charmer Spewan Leach and ‘Dead Dakota’ Jim alongside their minion zombie musicians wield their magical music powers and take 20s 30s and 40s swing and ragtime tunes over to the dark side. Come dressed to kill or perhaps dress killed bring you vavavoom or bring your broom in neat skiffle shoes but with axe blood-red come swing it with the dance of the dead! Tickets: