Awesome Berlin-style furniture for sale

We have to move out of our flat and have decided to sell our furniture. All the pieces are unique Berlin-style second-hand pieces in good condition (no IKEA). We’d  prefer to sell the whole lot together (at a discount), but will also sell individual pieces. We cannot deliver. Prices negotiable. We are selling:- A massive wooden wardrobe (it’s a fantastic piece – very big, but can be dismantled for transport). I guess it’s from the 20s.- Matching sofa and two armchairs; light mint-green pattern, very comfortable and in good condition, probably also  from the 20s or 30s.- A white, cube-shaped coffee table with a glass top.- An extendible dark brown kitchen table + 4 wooden chairs.- 3 faux-leather/wood armchairs (in black, grey and red).- A sideboard.- Another large wooden armchair (very decorative). We are also selling a vacuum cleaner, iron, toaster, and some smaller things such as lamps, paperweights and other knick-knack, kitchen stuff, including cutlery, plates, storage jars an original GDR tea set, etc. as well as a large number of books (including academic psychology/neuroscience/philosophy books as well as Sci-Fi, novels, some German books). I’ll put a separate post for the books as well. We’d like to sell as soon as possible. Here is a link to pictures (some are still missing; we’ll add those tomorrow). Email me if you are interested: Kristina