Avoid Able Group UK for any house work

Oh hello there!If you are looking for a contractor, ie plumber, to do some work, avoid Able Group UK like the plague. http://www.able-group.co.uk/ They came out to my flat to look at my shower, and then told me they’d have to order parts and come back. So far so good. The guy took under 30 minutes. Then Able Group called and said they needed a deposit on the parts that they had to order and on the labor for the second visit. I didn’t really like the idea of paying for work that hadn’t been done yet, but went along with it. I had to cancel the first appointment, and then every time I called them back to reschedule they said \OK we’ll call a plumber to check their availability and then get back to you” and then they would never get back to me. After that happened three times I told them I wanted my deposit back. After 3 phone calls and 2 promises that they had refunded me the money or would refund me the money guess what? No money! I just reported them to my bank and to Fraud Alert. I’ve also put in a request to start a Consumers Fight Back group here so that the Yeah Hackney community can report on and hopefully avoid any shady businesses.”