Av-Alanche Sun 16th Sept

Sunday 16 September, 4pm – 8pm From the http://dalstongarden.org/?p=3178 “Classical music balkan space jazz songs in promenade peculiar storytelling klezmer and a presentation of a new jazz/movement theatre project are all part of a free event taking place in the Garden this Sunday. Av-Alanche is a  Sinema City initiative who say that the event “aims to establish the possibility of fluidity within the context of a live event. Instead of the conventional gig format of acts with breaks in between the programme will consist of two distinctive parts. With the location/audience/performer relationship in mind Part I will be an experiment in how different acts can continuously pass on and pick up from each other and includes  MIMIKA Mak Murti? Ensemble  Gerry Howell and Anisa Arslanagic & Alice Mary Williamson. While Part II will be a complete set by  Rowan Coupland. Weather permitting there will also be a surprise soundscape in store.