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Ale Houses

Ale is all the rage right now! »

Hackney Cinemas

Let's talk Hackney cinemas »

Dalston Park’s Vintage Pop-Up Sale

Dee Dees Vintage have an up to 70% off sale on Thursday 30th, at Dalston Roof Park from 1pm, makes me wish I didn’t have to work. More details about the event here and more details on Dee Dee’s vintage here »

Cycling Hackney

Self-powered, 2-wheeled transportation »

Recognition @ Dalston Eastern Curve

As part of Photo Month on 2nd October, Dalston Eastern Curve will be screening Recognition, portraits commissioned by the London Transport Museum and a collaboration of over 600 participants. Full listings are here: »

Help! (or general support)

If you need some help with the site, please let me know here »

General Feedback

Anything that doesn't fit in anywhere else (I will accept nice comments too!) »

Hackney Bike Workshop

Next Hackney Bike workshop is tomorrow (21st Sept) at 7pm, for more details see or @hcknybkwrkshp »

Building materials

I'm looking for some flooring, probably laminate for around £10-20 per square metre and some tiles - »

Great coffee in Hackney

There are some great coffee places popping up - I'd like to know who sells Monmouth, Square Mile, Ri »

18th-19th Sept Hackney Wick Festival

A fun event at Hackney Wick, which includes a narrow boat road, clothes swap amongst other events. From the website: Hackney Wick Festival is a FREE community event which brings together the Wick’s rich and unique diversity. Dedicated volunteers who are all local residents have worked throughout the year to bring you this two day festival – an opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy acti... »

18th-19th Sept: Open House in Hackney

This weekend is Open House weekend and there is lots to see in Hackney, including The Hackney Empire,  The Hothouse and St Augustine’s Tower. See the full list here »

This weekend: Hackney Film Fest



Let me know if you spot anything that isn't working as expected. If possible can you let me know wha »

New Features

What would you like to see as a a new feature on the site? »

Places for veggies to eat

Where are the best places for veggies or vegans to eat in Hackney, with or without their non-veggie »

Hackney’s photo galleries

Are there any photo galleries or galleries showing photo exhibitions around Hackney that you know of »

Best Brunch in and around Hackney

What are your favourite places to Brunch around Hackney?I'll start with where the group photo came f »

Hackney Supper Clubs

They are springing up everywhere! So where have you been and where do you want to go or do you just »

Shackelwell Nights: Hidden Dining In Dalston

Thanks to the power of twitter, Alex and I were fortunate enough to get some tickets to Shacklewell Nights opening night. The night/place/event/secret-supper-club/pop-up-restaurant/hidden-dining-experience is essentially a great use of an empty space to get lots of people together and cook for them. It’s a project from Claire Roberson of Green Onions Supper Club and Jonathan Woolway of St Johns Re... »