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POÄNG Ikea armchair and stool

POÄNG Ikea armchair and stool

Free to a good home (or any home really) for anyone who can collect from South Hackney. The chair and stool are in great condition, and a couple of years old »

Britannia under new management?

It looks like the Britannia pub by Well Street Common has rebranded or changed management, and will »

Part-time childcarer needed

Hi all We’re currently looking for a part-time home childcarer/nanny, starting from January for »

twee8 Weds 20th Feb 2013 at the Duke of Wellington

Hi all- I'm your guest host for the month, as we start a round of sharing out the organising duties. »

Machete- new restaurant near Victoria Park

So this place opened a couple of weeks ago (in the space that used to be Le Tipico, and Vibe bar bef »

Hoxton Apprentice

Worrying news about the Hoxton Apprentice, from  »

Hackney Picturehouse (and others) bought by Cineworld

Picked this up on the Hackney Picturehouse Facebook page- the company has been acquired by Cineworld »

Shepherdess Walk mosaic

Has anyone been to see the »


I went to check out Waterline’s ‘ »


So the guerilla knitting that greeted visitors to Town Hall Square made for a bright and unexpected »

I Found A Bike Today

The town hall, Palm 2 and a few other Hackney landmarks in »

Hoxton Gin

Has anyone tried »

Early morning boozing and rugby

Does anyone know a pub in this fair borough which is likely to open early for the rugby this weekend »

Horses and cliches

Not sure if this is the best group for this- I'm sure »

Window cleaning

Does anyone know any decent local window cleaners? Google is being thoroughly unhelpful at the momen »

Record Store Day

So tomorrow is »

Cricket viewing

I was going to post this in Sports, but I don't think this really counts...Does anyone know of a pub »

The Hackney Bat

I have no idea where or when this little gem appeared, but thought it was too good not to include. I »

New Roa

This may not be a Hackney topic (sorry »