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Film night on Butterfield Green

Our next Film Night will be on Saturday Sept 8th and we're screening that hilarious '80s classic, Gh »

set of trial optician lenses for sale £15 Set in a box about  45 of them »

BUGSY MALONE Come and join us for a Screening on the Green Saturday 14th April, Butterfield Green, 7

Come and join us for a Screening on the Green, Saturday 14th April, Butterfield Green, 7.30pm »

white hanging ceiling chandelier


5 plates blue and white cornish style plates


vintage wall mirror for sale £10


pressed glass yellow table set £25


Silver brooch with 11 opal stones valued @ £50

Beautiful bouquet brooch with 11 cabochons opals. i had it valued. It's in silver and 1900 Art Nouve »

sewing workshops

Sewing ROOM 62 Allen Road N16Do you have unfinished sewing projec »