Author: lovelyzoo

Driving instructor recommendations, anyone?

Hi,I'd like a recommendation of a driving instructor. My situation is that I can drive and have a li »

Lewis Floyd Henry returns to Rock ‘n’ Rolio, July 2.

Two super special guests roar into the Moustache Bar this month: London's finest one-man band, Lewis »

King Creole @ Lumiere, Chatsworth Road. June 25.

The latest instalment of Lumiere's occasional retro movie series will be King Creole starring Elvis »

Royal Weeding

I came across this guerilla gardening event online during the week. As I might be looking for someth »

Issue: Notification setting for Twee8 group is ignored.

I've set the notifications for the Twee8 group to 'Daily Digest' but received all four of yesterday' »

Come and see The Girl Can’t Help It at the Lumiere this weekend

The Lumiere on Chatsworth Road will screening 50s classic, The Girl Can't Help It, this Saturday, th »

The Victoria, Dalston.

I'd like to know what people's perception of the Victoria, Dalston are. Specifically,(i) Would regul »

Rock ‘n’ Rolio presents Lewis Floyd Henry

Hi, I'm Rock 'n' Rolio's DJ Lovely Zoo and I'd like to welcome everyone here at yeah! Hackney to our »