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Looking for help moving or man/men with a van!

Need help getting larger items over a very short distance to my new place – same street, different number! Need this in a real hurry though – within the next two weeks. Anyone have any numbers for me? »

Moving boxes wanted

I have to move! Moving boxes – all sizes – needed for the Big Day. Let me know if you have any or know a source, please. 🙂 »

Looking for a flat

Need to stay in Hackney but have to move. Currently have one bedroom flat and would like the same or better. Anyone have any leads? »

Reminder – Twee8 this Weds (15 January)

Hi E8! We have a lovely Twee8 planned for this Wednesday night (15th) and we need some lovely faces »

First of the year twee8 15th January 2014: Crooked Billet, anyone?

Yes, it's Twenty-Fourteen! New year, new adventures! Let's meet at The Crooked Billet for our first »

Doctor Who Celebration – Friday – WANT TO GO?

Not entirely sure where to post this but bear with me. My cousin and I were going to the Doctor Who »

Hackney Bureau

(Has our search facility gone or is my rotten eyes again?) Has anyone been to Hackney Bureau to »

Doctor Who at HPH

Too late to get a ticket. If you hear of any, let me know. I'll buy it! Otherwise will go when they »

NANA – Great cause

I contributed to the Kickstarter on this and seems that there are other opportunities. What a great »

Parkholme Supper Club – Road to Revolution – 21st September

If you haven't been yet, it's time! I attended my first supper club a few years ago now and then I s »

July 17?

It's this week! @quitepeculiar »

Hackney is Friendly

Posted on Twitter (by me):  »

May Twee8 at The Windsor Castle, E5

Have I missed a post? Is there one? :) »

September 2012 at Crate Brewery

is it happening? :D »

Need somewhere from now till mid November

I need a room with desk space since I work from home and wifi. Those are my needs. »

Couple of interesting photo exhibits

These both look really interesting although not taking place in Hackney itself - fa »

Loganberry Jam!

i haven't had a loganberry, let alone loganberry jam, since i was a kid. anyway, i was reading spita »

Physio needed

I need some really good proactive physio and SOOOOON! I  went last year to the NHS Physio on Well St »

Oooh Bunting!

@ewebber can you honestly resis »

Anyone a hairdresser?

Or something... I bought the products but have had a fit of nerves about colouring my own hair now. »

Graffiti has gone

This was one of two really lovely graffiti near Hackney Downs Station. It was on the side of the car »

Games volunteering

Are you a volunteer? I am. I have my orientation in June (out of town for the Wembley-based one) and »

Christmas markets etc

my feed isn't working properly and i can't scroll back. do we have this and other holiday type activ »

Guitar lessons needed

beginner electric guitarlooking for a great guitar teacher in hackney! flexible and patient. :) this »

New street art

Just spotted this in my Facebook feed. Does anyone know where the top one is? If you go to the botto »

Rooms available in Hackney



And now I don't even remember what it was called (near The Farm Shop) - it's sad to see homegrown bu »

Old Valentine’s Pizza space

i think we've been speculating for a while on what's going in that space - and before that, wonderin »

Room (single or double) sought for two weeks!

I have two friends hoping to find reasonable accommodation in the area as a stopgap between their le »

Hackney hits the fashion news


Traditional tea party

We still have some room for people who want to come to our traditional tea party at Avo Hotel on Jul »

New vintage shop on Amhurst Road

Near Mess Cafe. Some clothes and bric a brac in there. »

Tea party for Marie Curie

We're having a traditional tea party to raise funds for Marie Curie. Its veg-friendly and will be he »


in general chat - cos i'm hoping i capture enough attention. absolutely desperately seeking a ticket »

New graffiti appearing

I took this photo yesterday, although I had noticed it a little earlier, I think. »

Blooming great tea party still needs volunteers

we are holding one! we could use a volunteer or three still. thanks to those who already put their h »

Healthy Stuff

Healthy Stuff on Dalston Lane, a small but satisfying selection and the prices are reasonable. I did »

Dalston Emporium


Looking for bakers etc urgently

Need bakers for our Blooming Great Tea Party. Hoping for donations or low-cost for a worth cause in »

Blooming great tea party – AGAIN

hi everyone. avohotel have agreed to host a tea party for marie curie. there is one other volunteer »

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