Author: HackneyOG

I trust we’ve seen this? Bonneville.

I trust we’ve seen this? Bonneville.

This is the attitude that makes me truly despise the exclusive New Hackney club these twats think the own. »

McDonalds on Chatsworth road set to go through.

I cannot believe it. It seems the meeting at the town hall went really badly for Hackney last night and the initial plans for a McDonalds with Drive-Thru opposite Homerton Hospital have been approved. They’ve been really sneaky and its gone pretty much unnoticed but I’m sure there will be a petition soon and I’ll post asap. A sad day. L »

Best Pattie in Clapton?

Yesterday I had a Salt Fish Pattie from Yum Yum and a Veg Pattie from Too Sweet. Both really good bu »