Author: franceshwilson

In need of a few freebies!

I am currently attempting to turn an area of Red Route Cafe into a shop through very little budget, if you have a rug, table or some shelving, please get in touch, it could be exactly what I need. Thanks! »

Calling all producers/cooks/artists/ideas makers!

I am currently volunteering at the Red Route Cafe on Lower Clapton Road: which is a not-for-profit, social enterprise cafe set up to help young people gain skills and qualifications. Last week, I came up with the idea to help them make a bit more money which would be to have a section of the cafe set up as a shop, selling local produce. This can be from jam right throug... »

Record Player Repair

Hello, I have been given a record player that is a bit like a sideboard, apparently it works an »

Two rooms available in a lovely spacious flat

I have recently bought 3 bedroom flat with my brother who will not be living there so I have two spa »

Amateur Dramatics – are there any around?

Hi, I'm completely amateur, but very interested in joining a group - does anybody know of any a »

Amateur Dramatics

Hi there, Are there any amateur dramatics clubs in the area? When I say amateur, I mean rrrrrrr »

Stools needed

Hi, I've just moved into a new home, which has a beautiful gigantic steel table in it... The on »