Author: emmajanenow

Jelly and vacuum packer needed for Art!

At the moment I need to vacuum pack some fancy jelly that I am making. If anyone has a small vacuum »

Work with cheese

La Fromagerie in Highbury need a new responsible staff member. Must be really interested in cheese! »

Cheese making anyone?

Hello, I have most of the things necessary to make cheese in my kitchen. Am looking for another »

Yard Sale 143 Powerscroft Road, Sunday 4th March from 1pm

I will be selling interesting unwanted taxidermy, plants, jewellery, furniture, pictures and books h »

Slate paving going cheap

Hi, I have some amazingly beautiful and expensive slate paving to sell to anyone who wants to p »

Loads of plants for sale Lower Clapton

I have to move from my garden flat of 6 years. Selling the garden. Here's the list small roses »

Wanted- home for loads of garden plants, 2 cats and me

I am looking for a home for my garden. I've got a lot of nice plants, mature shrubs etc. I need some »