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Eastway Market – Jubilee Party

There will be a Jubilee Party in the location of the new market on Eastway. It is in the open area n »

Arts & Crafts Market @ Hackney City Farm

There will be an Arts & Crafts Market at the Hackney City Farm on Sunday 7th August. Check out t »

Craft groups

Do you belong to a local craft group? Tell us about it! What is it called? Where do you meet up? Are »

What are you making for Valentine’s Day?

Are you a big fan of Valentine's Day? How about sharing some of your handmade plans... if it won't s »

What did you make today?

Share your latest creations or what you're working on now. Photos would be great. »

What do you make?

Tell us about the things you love to make whether it be knitted or crochet items, clothes, soap, can »