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Conduit near Naravino Road

Doesn't look much like this now. »

Kingsland – not just part of Dalston

Whilst poking about on Wikipedia I came across this entry for Kingsland. There's more to it than jus »

Snapshot London in Hackney

From »

Hackney Wick Stadium (& The Hackney Hawks)

Hackney Wick Stadium was used for Speedway and dog racing (I believe). There were a number of local »

Replacing exterior doors

I will probably replace my front and rear door in time but having never done this before I wondered »

Double Breasted navy pinstripe suit Jacket

Suit jacket38 ShortMade by Horne Brothers (you know that classic Savile row tailor?!)I brought this »

Snapshot London in Hackney

The Albion, E9 From »

Snapshot London in Hackney

The Old Tram Depot, Clapton E5 From »

Pub map: Traditional Boozer tour is the map for the pub tour. Please add your choices below and I'll add the »

Exhibition Venues

I am looking for a free venue in Hackney to hold a photography exhibition. Does anyone know of anywh »

Snapshot London in Hackney

St Michael & All Angels Church, Hackney From »

Snapshot London in Hackney

Mare St, E8 From »

Snapshot London in Hackney

Mr. Log, North Mill Fields, Hackney From »


Alexs recent to Romania »

Snapshot London in Hackney

The Hackney Pearl From »

Derelict buildings around Hackney

I like to take pictures of derelict buildings. If you know of any please let me know. »

Shacklewell Nights 25/09/10

All photos © Alex Pink More about Shacklewell Nights »

Garage/secure parking

I am looking for somewhere secure to park my car/scooter in the area. Off road, preferably undergrou »

Recommendations for Pinkos garden

I am in the process of buying a house, which has a garden. I am quite excited by the prospect of gro »

Snapshot London in Hackney

Aladdin, Hackney Empire From »

Crap pub crawl

I’m putting together a list of the less desirable pubs in Hackney, with the view of going on a crap »

Swimming pools

looking for a good swimming pool in the area, any recommendations? »

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