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Photomonth photography festival

If you're looking for something to do this weekend head down to Chats Palace to see my joint photogr »


I have a Parker Knoll chair that needs reupholstering. Can anyone recommend a decent upholsterer? »

Brownswood Tavern

Whats this I hear about the Jolly Butcher team acquiring the Brownswood Tavern on Green Lanes?? »

Bike wall rack

My bike collection is taking over the house, and so I need to find ways of storing them. The wall se »

Locally brewed beer

Who should I speak to if I wanted to buy a barrel of locally brewed ale? I'm just inquiring at this »

Postcards of the past

I found this site, enjoy! »

Rides galore

I have a few bike rides that I'd like to do this year. The DoubleYou's - Walthamstow - W »

Want to take part in Hackney Revisited photo project?

As part of the forthcoming exhibition I need people to feature in one of the photos for »


So in a couple of weeks I'll be packing up the touring bike and heading to the south of france. Eigh »

Whats in your back garden?

Do you have a back garden, yard or even balcony? If so I would like to photograph it. As part »

All the gear, no idea..

I need to buy a new skid lid (helmet) for a forthcoming jaunt to France. My current helmet is more f »

Hackney Revisited


Haggerston Park

I found out today that on July the 29th 1992, Michael Jackson landed at Haggerston Park in a helicop »

Fuck yeah! Who fancies going for a ride?

I'm thinking about organising a ride open to all Yeah Hackney members. All ideas are welcome but I w »

What type of tree is this?

I'm trying to find out what species of tree this is, before I cut it down. If anyone wants a tree?! »

Looking slick

Dear Administrator, I am loving the new look. The changes might only be subtle but they are really c »

Fridge freezer / cooker

I'm selling a white fridge freezer and an oven (with gas hobs). The fridge is made by Bosch and is i »

The Lake District

I have just been on a weekend cycling tour to the lakes. On Friday three of us (Sausages, Will Smith »

Morning Lane

I'm looking for a map or any old pictures of Morning Lane before the days of Tesco. I found this htt »

Palm 2

On the weekends Palm 2 now has an independent coffee seller out-front. He uses Monmouth. Yay for the »


Following some troubles with my 5d mark 2 vs CS3 I downloaded the trial of CS5 today. First impressi »

Wick dwellers

Hi, does anyone live in Silkmills Square in the Wick? I'm working on a Hackney based photography pr »

Fixies just moved up a gear

This video was brought to attention by »

The Charlatans acoustic gig

The Charlatans are performing an acoustic set tonight at the Union Chapel, and I am lucky enough to »


Does anyone have any experience with panniers? I have a couple of tours coming up this year and so n »

Broad Street Line

Whilst researching the old Broad Street line (now part of the East London Line) for a photography bo »

Luton box van for photo assignment

Hi, does anyone own a luton box van or similar that I could have the use of? I need to take a photo »

Veggie delivery

Has anyone used this before - local store (Spa) doesn't sell lose vege »


My new Ribble touring bike arrived today - excited! I've just put it together but need to get some p »


Can anyone recommend a respectable locksmith? »

Time to fire up this tour

I thought we should get a date in the diary for a traditional pub tour. So far we have the following »


I'm looking for a decent tailor that's capable of adjusting a suit. Any recommendations? Ta »

Barclays superhighway

As part of my training I wanted to cover about 20 miles on this mornings ride. Having cycled down to »

KItchen units/worktop

I am in the process of replacing my kitchen, and so need to dispose of the existing one. To be hones »

Live music, up and coming bands

Wheres good to catch up and coming bands, semi established bands, drunks, or just ear banging live m »

Snapshot London in Hackney

Truman Eagle E9 From »

Turbo trainer

Turbo trainers are a great way of staying fit through the winter months, without having to leave the »

Bent frame

Following my crash the other week my frame is slightly bent. Does anyone know if this can be fixed? »

Snapshot London in Hackney

The Trolley Stop, Dalston From »

Season pics. Part 1: Snow

Pictures of Hackney in all seasons »

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