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Can anyone recommend a good plasterer please?

Hello, Can anyone recommend a decent plasterer to work on our ceilings which suffered quite a lot of water damage during the recent storms? Thanks, Caroline »

Shoe repairers/cobblers in Hackney

Hello, Can any one recommend a shoe repairers or cobblers in Hackney? Thanks, Caroline »

Frames for large photographs/prints

Dear all, can anyone here recommend a good local framer for largish photographs and screenprints? Thanks, Caroline »

why no Heart in N16?

Due to social changes that have occurred in recent years in East London we have the Clapton Hart and the Hackney Heart. Why is there no Stoke Newington Heart? Is it too far north to bask in the full glow of suburban hipsterness? Let’s leave Dalston out of this. »

I need a head shot/portrait for my website

hi, just wondering if anyone here knows of a hackney-based photographer who specialises in portraits »

Local photographer for head shot for my website?

Dear Yeah! Hackneyers, I need a reasonable (professional) picture of myself for my website – th »

Can anyone recommend a local builder?

Dear Fellow Hackneyites,I am looking for a good, reliable and local builder to do some r »