Author: Martin

King Edward’s Road E9: New flats

This empty site (at the corner of King Edward's Road and Clermont Road has been empty since the 90s, »

Olympic Broadcast & Media Centre

I've been hearing bits and pieces about this through work, but I've been doing a wee bit more diggin »

57-61 Broadway Market – new restaurant


Samsung adverts on lampposts all over the borough

As seen here on Victoria Park Road: »

Starbucks in Broadway Market?

Spotted on Facebook: a link to a petition »

the Hackney Spanner

we've had »

Boris Bikes go east

This map has been in the public domain for a little while, but I thought it was worth posting here - »

Bus goes crunch

While out not enjoying the rain earlier, I stumbled across a 425 which appeared to be having trouble »

Orange bags for recycling in high-rises

This just popped up on the »

the Hackney Colliery Band

This is a bit ace: »

New recycle bins across the borough

From the council's »

Bicycle Library, Netil Market


London Fields Farmers Market – use it or lose it!

Just received this email from the Market people:--Dear friends of the »

BBC London live from Ridley Road

BBC London 94.9 will be at Ridley Road market this afternoon from 5-7pm for their drivetime show, wi »

What can I do about…

dog poo on the pavements near my flat?Generally on the same bit of street, until the street sweepers »