Assembly by Lucie Jelfs

Wayward Gallery                                                           ASSEMBLY                                                                                       PV 29th November 2012 6 – 9pmLUCIE JELFS                                                                                     47 Mowlem Street, London, E2 9HE In her latest show at Wayward Gallery, London based artist, Lucie Jelfs presents a new series of portraits centred on the notion of assembly, or group joining together.  These works combine the awkwardness of her 2011 solo exhibition with a new level of disconcerting stoicism.  In contrast to her earlier almost comical drawings, Lucie now articulates a more mature impression of shared experience with her subjects. There is a melancholic suggestion expressed through the use of watercolours and application of understated tones.   With their fragmented and exaggerated features, these portraits suggest inner ambiguities and untold truths. As a collection, continuity is visible in the use of muddy hues but also the casual, indifferent approach to conclusion, which evokes a disquieting quality and sense of unease.  In Lucie’s words, “I want to capture something within people that isn’t immediately apparent to the human eye”.