Arundel Arms

Hi all,I am a freelance journalist writing about urban neglect in London and was just wondering if anyone from the Traditional Boozer Tour would be interested in speaking to me about a pub I am looking at.The property is the Arundel Arms, a dilapidated pub on Boleyn Road, in a part of Dalston that makes up the Hackney Heritage Walk, as designated by the Hackney Society. Due to its heritage status, it is one of various properties I am examining for a series of features on abandoned historical buildings.I would be very interested in speaking to someone on their thoughts about this building, its heritage value, and its abandoned/neglected status.Thanks and regards,Daragh Markham078 33 55 3948

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  1. Apparently I had heard it’s gotten knocked down, although I can’t confirm this by my own eyes. A shame, as it’s been neglected for quite some while.

  2. On the pub sign is Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of Arundel (1585-1646). Don’t know much about the pub itself other than it was a locally listed building.

  3. I’m going to confirm that is has actually been knocked down. I walked past the site a little over a week ago. Edited to add: Here’s a link that might be useful.”