Arts and Culture Podcast

I am coordinating an arts and culture audio podcast and I’m looking for interesting people to talk to and to contribute. If you have any ideas about podcasts on the topic of Arts and Culture then please get in touch. Some ideas so far so I guess I’d like to get some of you involved in Freelance, start-ups and internships . Documentaries (Short list) In the StudioAbout recording studio life within studios in and around East & North London, including studio discussions on equipment, processes and the technologies used. The history of the recording studio, current projects and the future of music and the importance of Recording Studios. Moving to East LondonWhy people move to London, how they survive, how they create and join communities, what opportunities are available and what are the different experiences in culture and ethics. Freelance, start-ups and internshipsWhy do people Freelance, what support is given to people who start up new businesses, Can you have a have a good work/life balance as a small business owner, how important are internships and can new businesses be successful without government or local community support. Struggles and Bouncing backExperiencing, coping and dealing with social problems and the mechanisms/resources of how we deal with them. Community Centre’s and Social OrganisationsWhy they exist, the history and the people behind them, the members and why they join.