Artist studio space available

The space is an allocated area within a studio to share with friendly set designers, an illustrator and painter. I am a film maker and photographer and I have been using the space for shooting videos. I am sadly having to let this studio space go, and it will be available by the 10th November. There are three white walls for use, although one is a temporary wall and can be removed if requested to allow more natural light. For me the space has proved versatile for creating sets and is perfect for a small set stage, and a general artist space.The specified allocated area can be seen with draped curtains, while the other half of the lower level is occupied by set designers, and mezzanine for painters.Size : approx 11’7 ft by 12’ ftPrice:  £170 per calendar monthLocation: Clapton/Hackney, E5 9NEplease contact me if you are interested in having a look…Jade 07740344658