Art Gallery at 26 Lower Clapton Rd E5 0PD

Application Number: 2011/0318Application Registered: 09-02-2011 Comments Until: 14-03-2011 Site Address: 26 Lower Clapton Road London E5 0PD Application Type: Listed Building Consent Development Type: Change of Use Proposal: Listed building consent for internal works to facilitate change of use to D1 (Art Gallery) and 2 x live/work units. Current Status: REGISTERED Applicant: Angus Hughes Gallery Agen: tDirect Planning Limited Case Officer / Tel: Micheal Garvey 020 8356 8053 Existing Land Use: Business, Office other than within Class A2 , Research & Development Proposed Land Use: Business, Office other than within Class A2 , Research & Development, Dwelling houses (whether or not as a sole or main residence) Link to applicationLink to Angus Hughes current galleryAngus Hughes application


  1. It’s been a while since Lower Clapton Road had an art gallery – Jason Art Gallery – correct me if I’m wrong.It looks like this stretch of LCR is hotting up”

  2. @ewebber: yes, a few months ago this was an art gallery run by squatters (I believe I mentioned that to you when we were on the bus to FARM:shop. Glad it’s almost an official gallery now… I have a picture of an old gallery across the road from that, with a nice window sign ‘I don’t mind if you forget me’… but unable to link it unfortunately! I believe there’s a hairdresser there nowadays.

  3. I know the chap who runs this, he’s a gem. It’s already done some great exhibitions and been positively reviewed in Art Monthly, if any of you in the area can support his application then please do, he’s very sincere about the project.

  4. @saladefolle yes that was Jason Art Gallery, I think it was a one off show called \I don’t mind if you forget me” some more details (although no images) here:

  5. I’ve just been looking at the planning applications on the Hackney council site, and it looks like this proposal has been refused, something about ‘loss of employment-generating floorspace’ or somesuch. Can anyone more acquainted with planning proposals shed any more light on this? Ta.

  6. @jason interesting as this is something that @nightboat was talking about with regards to his coffee shop plan just over the road. Have a look at this post
    Do you know if the application for the art gallery is removing office space?”

  7. @ewebber I’ve not looked at the application in great detail, but I think it’s a mixture of live-work units, residential space, and gallery space, so seems a good all-round proposal to me. I don’t know enough about planning rules, or the Core Strategy that @nightboat mentioned, to understand exactly how the decision was reached though. I still find it bizarre that betting shops seem to be allowed to open with no apparent planning restrictions (a huge bug-bear of mine, sorry!) I think the sooner the planning laws are changed in that area, the better…

  8. @mark_pete do you know any more about this, it would be great to hear from the gallery and see if we can support them in any way

  9. I’ll alert him to this thread. I saw him on Thursday and he mentioned something about a timing issue.

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