Are there any local affordable life drawing classes?

So… I pretty much said it all in the title. I’m finding Princes Drawing School ones either full or out of my current price range as they’re buy in block. Any clues would be much appreciated I’ve just moved to London last week. Thanks folks


  1. Hi @anitajean have a look at classes at the White Rabbit Cocktail club they have life drawing and painting starting at £5 for a session.”

  2. Hi Anita,you can have a look also at Candid Art gallery, in Angel, classes are run by professional artists very nice studio space for (I think) around £7.50 a session. Also there are classes near Bethnal green station every Monday and Thursday for even cheaper with Adrian Dutton (I think you can buy a block of 6 for £30) – I found out about it on meetup website…Good luck 🙂

  3. Thanks guys, Thats really helpful.  Hopefully I’ll get to try out both, White Rabbit’s a lot closer but then Bethnal Green’s on tonight. Thank you

  4. I’ve been to the Adrian Dutton class a few times, it’s affordable and a decent atmosphere. Not much instruction, you pretty much just show up and draw.

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