From Durban to Dalston; a Christmas without Waste

On 11th December there is another Arcola Green Sunday event packed full of interesting things… Arcola Green Sunday- From Durban to Dalston; a Christmas without Waste 11th DecemberArcola Theatre  24 Ashwin Street 2 Ashwin Street Dalston London E8 3DL 1pm- 4pm Give or Take organised by  Forest Recycling Project A chance to swap something you don’t want anymore for something useful for you. Bring books music dvds toys baby equipment children’s bikes kitchenware paint (reusable) plants garden tools and equipment and even small electrical goods and furniture (side tables shelves cots etc). What can you take? Anything you need. And you don’t have to give to take. 2- 3pm Presentation on the COP 17 climate negotiations. The background and news will be explained and there will be space for questions and discussions. 2- 4pm Upcycling with  Transition Town Hackney and ‘Upcycle’. Workshops on upcycling old materials into new attractive items. Learn how to breathe new life into your wardrobe by altering and customising old clothes …and how to make wallets out of juice cartons. Bring your own clothing to work on and materials that can be used to create Christmas gifts and decorations. 3- 4pm– Live music with  Green Kite Midnight the ‘Climate Camp house band’. 4pm Screening of  Just Do It Dir. Emily James UK2011 88mins (followed by discussion – see below). Watch the  trailer here. “I put my body in the way and I don’t mind being arrested” Marina Pepper is a classified domestic extremist renowned for making tea for police officers and bailiffs while they are in the midst of evicting her. Marina is one of a growing number of modern-day outlaws – people who care about what is happening to our planet and are prepared to take action to stop it. Previously a secretive world filmmaker Emily James was granted unprecedented access to follow a community of UK environmental activists. It’s an action packed time with activists scaling the chimney of Didcot Power Station locking themselves to the Royal Bank of Scotland and tangling with gung ho police at the Copenhagen Summit. Articulate funny and engaging the ensemble cast care passionately about the environment on a global level but work locally with courage determination and manners to take a stand. 5.30pm Post-screening discussion with director Emily James Green Party representative  Caroline Allen and student activist Samir Karnik Hinks chaired by  Duncan Clark consultant editor on the Guardian environment desk. 6pm Live music with Green Kite Midnight mulled wine and mince pies to enjoy in the café-bar. Just Do It Flyer