April twee8 @ The 3 compasses E8

For April’s twee8 we are heading to the 3 compasses ( twitter.com/3compasses) 99 Dalston Lane (at the top of Ridley Road. Map here: http://g.co/maps/3k92c) Date: Weds 18th April from 7pm until late This pub has recently been taken over and describe themselves as:“Welcoming pub in the heart of Dalston with live music real ales games jukebox free wi-fi tea & crumpets events darts chess.. They also have Fattburger burgers Everyone is very welcome to join us see you all there :)”


  1. Exquisite choice, will see all of you lovelies next Wed!

  2. yay @stephenhignell see you there 🙂

  3. The lovely Lauren at the 3 Compasses has said she would reseve an area for us, so please say on this forum if you are coming so I can get numbers. Thanks

  4. They have also confirmed that they do a great veggie burger too.

  5. oh i’ll try to come. from 7pm? I’ll see what I can do. I’ve walked past a bunch of times and noticed it’s been tarted up.

  6. Yes hope to come along. May be later than 7. See you there.

  7. yep – sounds good.

  8. Hope so- the pub looks ace!

  9. Sounds great. In the diary.

  10. I’m on a pass but have to go to client photo exhibition beforehand (til 8 I think). I’m going to do my best to get there after..

  11. Yep, looking forward to it!

  12. @ewebber *cough COUGH* :p See you guys there!

  13. @staystylish sorry 🙁 would be most awesome to see you x

  14. Damn it! I’ve been put on to work on Wednesday even though I asked for the evening off (\I thought you said Tuesday… you said Tuesday!!”). We’ll see how it goes. If I can manage to get out of working in the evening I’m there. I’ll see if I can remember @monkchips‘ sweater/jumper too. If not I’ll try and pass it on to @ewebber before the meet-up.”

  15. @quitepeculiar you tell them that I said you are needed at the 3 compasses, or else they better watch out 😉

  16. Rightski… news! I will be there. Happy times! See y’all there!

  17. looking forward to this and experiencing the fattburger too

  18. How are your numbers looking? Room for a small one?

  19. @londiner room for anyone of any shape 🙂 Look forward to meeting you again.

  20. See you tonight Emily and other Tweetuppers Caroline

  21. rain? what rain? see you all later!

  22. Crap! I can’t come anymore (or will very late)… colleague has a spare tix to Graham Norton tonight and begs me to go with…. 🙁

  23. Going to do my best to get there for 9ish.

  24. Also having to swerve at the last minute. Don’t weep – or if you do, do it into your burger for seasoning. Have a cheeky half for me and hope to see y’all at the next one.

  25. we are here and we have a big table 🙂

  26. Hello everyone, was nice to meet people tonight. If you want to tweet me feel free I’m new(ish) to Hackney and know nobody!”

  27. @alncl good to see you tooLast night’s role call looks something like this:@3djamie @kuxi @stephenhignell @dirtydolphin @ahackinhackney @quitepeculiar @staystylish @janice @monkchips @mattyc @alncl @deedee @adamelectric @karenlobban @naomiasantewa @leahgust @hugs , no doubt I have missed someone off the list, please add here if I have 🙂 Also I have some snaps over here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/emilywebber/archives/date-posted/2012/04/19/

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