April 2011 – Twee8 @ The Prince George

Looking forward to this already! There is a pool table in case anyone fancies their chances.Wednesday 20th April, 2011The Prince George 40 Parkholme RdLondon E8 3AG


  1. Yesss, I return just in time! Looking forward to seeing you lot ‘soon’.

  2. Good choice. @kuxi fancies himself as the Hustler! I haven’t played in years but I’m up for it.

  3. \I haven’t played in years”Spoken like a true pool shark.”

  4. *Busted*

  5. yay! Seafarers FTW

  6. This sounds interesting. Space for one more anyone?Haven’t played pool in a while….honest!!!!

  7. @david of course, the more the merrier 🙂

  8. What time are you guys going to be there from?

  9. @david 7:30ish I reckon – it’s worth checking @twee8 or me @ewebber or @kuxi on twitter to see where we are

  10. no other conferences that week booked as yet. so i may be able to make it. YAY!

  11. @alexpink @david you chaps better get practicing then and don’t be turning up with your own pool cue either…

  12. @kuxi I’m only to happy to play with the ‘broomsticks’ they provide.

  13. still in toronto so will miss this one. missing hackney too! hi guys!!!!!

  14. pool sounds goodhow about somewhere with foosball next time?…

  15. @nickdonnelly can’t say i’ve seen anywhere in hackney with a foosball table. is bar kick hackney?

  16. Cafe Kick in Shoreditch is in Hackney, but it’s not very nice

  17. White Hart on Stokey High Street has one

  18. sold – it’s already on the list for when it’s warmer

  19. Has anyone been to the Three Sisters in Hackney Downs? Apparently they’ve got foosball, and a darts board

  20. And while you’re there you could step into the Pembury for a game of bar billiards. It’s a really great game – tests your mental arithmetic too.

  21. @mattyc – apparently it’s on the list. I’ve been told we call it six tits around here!

  22. @saladefolle and a fine name it is too! I wandered past during the Hackney Carnival last year, and they were doing brisk trade on a barbecue set up to catch people as they headed to the main arena. Will be good to check it out

  23. @jamieb we’ve played a bit of bar billiards when we’ve had previous tweetups at the pembury. in fact i think it was @philsheard who got a royal whooping from me a while ago

  24. I’ll warn you all now; it’s only fair. I grew up with an ITSF accredited foosball table in the house. I could have gone pro if it weren’t for my modelling career.

  25. Let’s get this thread back to the original topic – the April twee8 will be at the Prince George.The suggestions for future twee8s thread is over here http://www.yeahhackney.com/votes-for-the-next-twee8-locations/

  26. I’m looking forward to it as I missed the last twee8!

  27. @ewebber spoilsport@acidofix look forward to meeting you!

  28. I am working late but will pop in on route home. 🙂

  29. Great to see all last night :)Next one will be on 18th May – keep it in your diaries

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