Anyone selling a bike at the moment?

I got burgled overnight and lost my Trek 7.3

I could do with replacing it quickly so thought I’d check here if anyone was looking to do a clear-out before I go searching further afield.

(In related news, if you see someone riding a Trek 7.3 with only one wheel, let me know…)


  1. Oh no, that’s crap. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open

  2. People suck 🙁

  3. My flatmate Scott is selling a bike:

    \Yep nishiki mountain bike 40£ Needs a bit of an oil and clean but rides well””

  4. Cool! Thanks @goodlegs, that sounds promising. I’ll DM you to get some more details

  5. (have added you, but mainly wondering what size it is. I’m about 6\)”

  6. @goodlegs if @philsheard didnt get in there first did your flat mates bike go?

  7. @alexisk it’s still here sitting on the balcony looking at me. It says why hello there

  8. @goodlegs trying to find a way to message u my mobile ..seems that to DM you I have to add you so sent a request….

  9. @alexisk if you’re still looking, let me know. I’ve got a basic hybrid that would suit someone around 6ft give or take an inch.

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