Anyone know of a room or 2-bed going soon?

Hey all, Looking for a room as soon as possible. Anywhere in the not-too-distant north/east area would be considered, but would ideally love to live to near Chatsworth Road or Stokey. Being only 22 seems to be a bit of a stumbling block, but am a considerate, friendly housemate, who cooks and cleans and is not as dull as this makes me sound. It would be great to find people who enjoy a chat and a meal together as much as they value their own space. People involved in things creative would be a bonus. If you have a room or hear of anything, it’d be great to hear from you. Thanks! Jamie


  1. Jamie, we’re just off Chatsworth Road and have a lovely 4 bed house, with a double room available in a couple of weeks. If you want to come round and take a look let me know. Cheers, Martha

  2. Hey Martha,Thanks so much for getting in touch. Be great to come around and take a look. My email’s if you want to send the address etc. Cheers,Jamie

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