Anyone know of a decent lock-up in London Fields?

Greetings. I’m eyeing up a nice black Vespa, but live in a block of flats with no off-street parking or lock-ups. Kids love nicking black Vespas as most people know. So, does anyone know of any good, cheap lock-ups local to London Fields, E8 3EQ? Or am I worrying too much? Will a simple monster lock keep the kids at bay? Thank you! Julian


  1. ewebber - 28 February 2012, 2:58 pm

    Hey @julianblake I wouldn’t keep my bike on the street, I’ve got a vintage bike, which the kids don’t like nicking so much (too tough to ride I reckon) but I’ve had it pushed across the street  before – which can jam the throttle and scratch the paint – just a few hundred quid to fix :(If I do ever park it on the street for some reason I keep it covered So I’d say definitely find some off-street parking.

  2. nikolaikett - 13 June 2012, 12:33 pm

    Does anybody know of any reasonably priced off-street parking around the Clapton Square area? Recently had my battery stolen (they did a very tidy job so I didn’t actually realise until I went to put my lock away under the seat) and I’m reluctant to put a new one in until I’ve found somewhere more secure to store it permanently…

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