Any pubs showing rugby in Hackney?

Hi, I moved to Hackney 6 months ago, as of yet I cannot find a single pub that shows live rugby on a weekend. Can anyone help? ( And if there is one with a Welsh landlord, even better….)


  1. You might want to try The Auld Shillelagh on Stoke Newington Church Street. I think @wtfstokey would be able to answer this query far better than I!

  2. Pub On The Park is usually a reliable bet for the rugby, they have lots of screens and decent beer… went here to watch the wales v france world cup game at 9:30 in the morning and was a good crowd.

  3. @coey  where are you in hackney???both of those mentioned are good bets – the auld shillelagh opened at 6am during the world cup and will show rugby over football!! there are a few others that can be persuaded as well, but rather than list them all, let me know where you’re based.oh, and as for the welsh thing after saturday, unlucky – the only welsh pub i know in london is the famous 3 kings in west ken

  4. hi,you could go into Maddigans on mare street. They are really a sports bar with three screens and I saw both the England, France and Scotland games at this pub at the weekend. Great menu too and good atmosphere.

  5. Thanks all for the suggestions, I live close to Clapton station, so all of them are easy enough. Though if I had been at any of them on Saturday, you may have seen this grown man cry!! If I can avoid the pub straight after work on Friday, I will give the Auld Shillelagh a crack for Wales/ Samoa.

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