Any decent gyms in Dalston?

Does anyone know of a decent gym in Dalston?I’ve tried to look for one but I’ve only found King’s…


  1. Not Dalston but here’s one in Stoke Newington: Not that far from Newington Green as well. There’s also the women-only Sunstone

  2. Thanks! Much appreciated.

  3. I used to be a member of Sunstone and found them disorganised and rude at best, but there’s an Energie fitness on Mare Street which is pretty good.It’s a shame there isn’t a soho gyms branch nearby – they’re awesome.

  4. GLL is a great low cost option. You get access to a range of gyms including Clissold and Kings Hall. We ended up using the latter more because we never had to wait for the aerobic equipment. I also seem to recall that contracts are rolling rather than fixed term.

  5. Legends gym is cheap but a bit mad and not very PC/safe.  did the job tho!

  6. My husband’s really liking Energie in the Hackney Central library building.  I’d really recommend Yoga on the Lane on Shacklewell Lane too, if you’re looking for well-taught dynamic yoga classes. Check out for the schedule.  (I totally admit a bias here as I work there!)

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