Antic Pub Co (Owner of Clapton Hart) in administration

Strange  this, the subsidary is in administration, the parent company isn’t. Hopefully the Hart won’t change, I have grown to love the place.


  1. Although their Twitter feed seem to be suggesting that there are no problems.

  2. @marty21 Well spotted. But it leaves me confused. The article states that \information of its 24 sites have added to a new website ” which no longer seems to include the White Hart in Stoke Newington although the White Hart’s site still lists it as Antic.It looks as though their pubs are owned by two separate companies and they are now listed on separate websites – 24 on one and 12 on the other; and’m guessing that the 12 on the Antic-Ltd site may be in trouble. But that does not include the Clapton Hart. Then again I may be completely wrong.”

  3. I dont think the Clapton Hart need worry (too much). Its all about profitability at the end of the day, and the numbers seen in there every weekend are a clear indication of that. At worst youre looking at the administrator selling it as a going concern to another pub chain, in which case the worry would be that they made it more sanitised.

  4. @marty21 from what I have heard, the Hart is not affected by this, but I haven’t had any official word on this, so that’s not to be taken as anything more than hearsay. If @fiantic is still around, maybe she can tell us more.

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