Another Pub at Risk – Wenlock Arms

one of the best pubs in london… application for the \Demolition of existing two storey public house building and construction of a five-storey mixed use building to provide 160sqm of commercial floorspace (Use Class A1/A2/B1) at ground floor and basment level with five self-contained residential units (comprising one x three-bed unit two x two bed units and two x one -bed units) provided on the upper floors.”


  1. How about a community take-over of the pub?  I might be underestimating it’s value but assuming its around £1,000,000 – if 1000 of us invest £1000 we could buy it.  @andrewboff ?

  2. It is very sad. Great pub that. There was a campaign to save it last year but it looks like it didn’t work:

  3. that campaign is quite old – i don’t know the history but it sounds like things are still going on.  a website says it’s for sale for £650,00.

  4. Another says it’s been sold. If a planning application has been lodged doesn’t that suggest it’s been purchased already?”

  5. I like the idea of a community take-over. Buy a stake, have a say. Although it could get complicated.

  6. The buildings that surround it are either being demolished and built right now or there is already granted permission for their construction – so this is very much the last corner of a much larger development on the whole block. The current application was drawn up by the architects in July. I guess they recognize that this application might be refused – loss of a pub can be reason enough for refusal in some contexts, so have compartmentalised the site so they can sell it or keep it and still get on with the rest, if this application fails. It’s worth looking at 2011/0604 for the British Lion on Hackney Rd. There’s another application in now but a previous one for demolition was refused as it “would result in the loss of public house as a single unit with ancillary residential accommodation and therefore would be contrary to policy 4.8 (Supporting a successful and diverse retail sector) and associated policy 7.1 (Building London’s neighbourhoods and communities) of the emerging London Plan October 2009 (Found sound March 2011).” “

  7. Good to hear there is some protection for pubs. This one really should be kept.

  8. Hmm the plot thickens.I’m not on facebook though so can’t see what’s going on on the campaign side of things:!/groups/142674799109124/Anything of note happening?”

  9. Planning application refused! (via @russss) Reasons 1The proposal would result in the unacceptable loss of an operational public house which performs an important role providing a valuable amenity as a social and cultural centre for the local community. As such the proposal would be contrary to policies 3.1 (Ensuring Equal Life Chances for All) 3.16 (Protection and Enhancement of Social Infrastructure) 4.8 (Supporting a successful and diverse retail sector) and 7.1 (Building London’s neighbourhoods and communities) of the London Plan 2011. Reasons 2In line with policy HE8 of PPS5 – Planning for the Historic Environment as The Wenlock Arms Public House building has been identified by the Local Planning Authority as an undesignated heritage asset which has both historical value and architectural character and adds positively to the local distinctiveness of the area. Inadequate justification has been provided for the demolition of the existing building and as such its demolition would result in an unacceptable loss of a heritage asset and consequently would result in unacceptable harm to the character and appearance of the surrounding area including the adjacent Regent’s Canal Conservation Area. Therefore the proposal is contrary to policy CSP25 (Historic Environment) of the Hackney Local Development Framework Core Strategy 2010; policies 7.4 (Local Character) and 7.8 (Heritage Assets and Archaeology) of the London Plan 2011and the guidance provided in PPS5 – Planning for the Historic Environment. “

  10. Excellent news.

  11. Notice of Intention to Demolish the Wenlock has now been submitted!Sadly, the Planning Application being denied is merely a battle won, the war is by no means over! :(Please join us on Facebook: follow us on Twitter: @TheWenlockArmsfor any updates.Also please continue to write to your MPs Councillors Papers etc. to make as big a noise as possible about this!”

  12. The ‘application’ (actually it’s a notification) is 2011/3323 It’s a tricky one. It’s not an application for permission. You don’t need permission to demolish something that has no conservation status. The prior application was for demolition AND construction of a new building. That required an application which in its entirety was refused. Now although the grounds for refusal really related solely to the removal of the pub that just means the application as a package fails. Any previous application that has permission or any permitted development is still allowed. So if you are the developer and are unsympathetic to the ‘vibe’ you get from the refused scheme you can just demolish the building. Can’t really do a lot with the site after that other than build another pub or bar; or let it stay vacant for so long that everyone admits defeat and the argument for retention of the amenity becomes a bit redundant. More when I know what’s going on.”

  13. This tweet from @TheWenlockArms “Friends! The biggest battle yet has just been won: the Wenlock is now part of a protected conservation area! Rejoice and Drink More Ale! :D” Awesome :)”

  14. The full arguments and paperwork here. Pretty well written report. Well done Hackney’s Conservation team.”

  15. It will be a proposed addition to the local list (locally listed buildings) as well.Must make a visit soon, heard good things about it!

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