Another block of offices, shops and flats planned for Dalston

An article on  Loving Dalston talks about a new block yet to seek planning permission “A £30 MILLION skyscraper that would change the face of Dalston is proposed for Kingsland High Street.The block of offices shop and flats including family-size affordable homes would rise to six floors at Dalston Kingsland station – and 17 at its rear. Read more over here:


  1. Some 21st century architecture addressing 21st century needs. Good stuff.

  2. Combative piece in today’s Telegraph criticising the NIMBYist stance of Open Dalston’s campaigning against the block:

  3. Got this today from the planning department: Dear Sir/MadamApplication Number: 2011/3439Site Address: 51 – 57 Kingsland High Street Hackney London E8 2JS I write to advise that I have prepared a report regarding the above-mentioned applicationrecommending that Planning Permission be Granted.The report is likely to be considered at the next Planning Sub-Committee Meeting where afinal decision will be taken as to whether to support or reject the recommendation. Thedetails of the meeting are as follows –Venue: Hackney Town Hall, Mare Street, E8 1EADate: 07 March 2012Time: 6.30pm

  4. The council have rejected the plans for the tower block, more on the Hackney Citizen over here: The application on the Hackney council website hasn’t been updated yet. It would be interesting to see the minutes too if someone can find them.”

  5. I got this by email today: Application Number: 51 – 57 Kingsland High Street Hackney London E8 2JSSite Address: 2011/3439Development Description: Demolition of the existing building and the subsequentredevelopment for a building of mixed use ranging from basement and 7-18 storeys comprising130 residential units (48×1, 48×2, 29×3 and 5×4 bed units) (Class C3) and 1039sqm of retailfloorspace (class A1) together with 2 disabled car parking spaces, cycle and refuse storage,improvements to the public realm, improvements to Dalston Kingsland Station and allnecessary ancillary and enabling works.I write with reference to the above mentioned planning application. I wish to adviseyou that the Council, having had regard to the nature of the application, the relevantplanning policies and all of the comments received from interested parties, hasdecided to refuse planning permission for the following reasons:1 The proposed development, by reason of its height, scale and mass woulddetract from the appearance of the surrounding area, in particular the KingslandHigh Street, Boleyn Road and Ridley Road townscape. This would be contraryto Hackney Core Strategy 2010 policy 24 (Design), 25 (Historicenvironment),Dalston Area Action Plan (Pre-submission document Sept 2011),London Plan 2011 policies 7.4 (Local character), 7.6 (Architecture), 7.7(Location and design of tall buildings) and 7.8 (Heritage assets).2 The development does not provide affordable housing and therefore fails toprovide a form of housing which adequately meets the greatest housing needand demand in the borough. This would be contrary to Hackney Core Strategypolicy 20 (Affordable housing) and London Plan 2011 policies 3.10 (Affordablehousing definitions), 3.11 (Affordable housing targets) and 3.12 (Negotiatingaffordable housing).3 The development would result in a reduction in retail floor space, within aPrimary Shopping Area, within Dalston town centre. This would detract from theretail character and function of the town centre, contrary to Hackney CoreStrategy 2010 policy 1 (Main town centres), 13 (Growth areas), Dalston AreaAction Plan (Pre-submission document Sept 2011), London Plan 2011 policies2.15 (Town centres), 4.7 (Retail and town centre development) and 4.8(Supporting a successful and diverse retail sector).4 The development by reason of its siting, scale and design would unduly inhibitfuture mixed use development of Dalston Kingsland rail station. As such thedevelopment would prejudice the potential for the adjoining station site todeliver a number of planning benefits such as: an improved contribution to theKingsland High Street townscape; station improvements; additional retail /employment floorspace; and housing. This would be contrary to the aspirationsof the Dalston Area Action Plan (Pre-submission document Sept 2011),Hackney Core Strategy 2010 policies 1 (Main town centres), 13 (Growth areas),17 (Economic development), 19 (Housing), 24 (design), London Plan 2011policies 2.15 (Town centres), 3.4 (Optimising housing potential), 4.1(Developing London’s economy, 4.7 (Retail and town centre development), 7.4(local character) and 7.6 (architecture).If you wish to view the full decision notice for this application and the case officers’report please visit our website at and search for theapplication using the above application number. Alternatively you may view thedocuments at Ground Floor Reception Area, Hackney Service Centre, 1 HillmanStreet, London E8 1DY, Monday and Friday, between 9am – 5pm.

  6. The developer is now going to re-apply with a new design: As you may know, our earlier proposals for this site were turned down by Hackney Council. We have worked hard to come up with a brand new design from new architects which not only deals with the difficulties raised last time but provides a building that Dalston and Hackney can be proud of. For full details please do come to the exhibition. In advance, we can tell you that our new proposals will now contain affordable housing, have more outdoor space for residents and the public to use, be more energy-efficient and be a much better neighbour. Plenty of humble pie being eaten there.”

  7. via Open Dalson: New Proposals for 51-57 Kingsland High StreetRothas the freeholder of the Peacocks site next to Dalston Kingsland station are exhibiting revised plans for a proposed new development on Wednesday 11 July between midday and 7.30pm at the C.L.R. James Library.You can get some further information from 11 July 2012 between midday – 7.30pmC.L.R. James Library Dalston Square E8 3BQ 

  8. Well, I’ve just been to the exhibition and it’s a modern 19-storey cylindrical tower towards the rear of the site, and – for people who don’t appreciate contrast – a low rise brick clad block facing Kingsland Rd.More on Loving Dalston;

  9. I’m amazed that their initial application contains no affordable housing whatsoever. Not that I’m particularly impressed with the phrase ‘affordable housing’. It’s often anything but.

  10. I think this was a case of an inexperienced developer not paying the due baksheesh to certain interest groups (it got the ‘green’ fig leaf, but not the ‘affordable’ one). Now the proposal has been scaled back sufficiently, I’ll expect it’ll go through. If it doesnt, in an area like Dalston which already has examples of modern high rise, then you’d have to wonder again if something fishy is going on between local politicians and quasi-heritage groups like OPEN Dalston and CPNAG.

  11. If you didn’t get a chance to go to the exhibition, the display boards can now be viewed on their website;

  12. Those sketches are actually looking really very good. How long before OPEN Dalston comes out with something trying to rubbish it again?

  13. Those sketches are actually looking really very good. How long before OPEN Dalston comes out with something trying to rubbish it again?

  14. According to Loving Dalston Rothas Ltd has just announced its latest designs for the Kingsland site which can be seen here – proposalPersonally I preferred the original design;Original proposal

  15. wonder if anyone’s going to compare it to Croydon? Note in the new render there isnt the upgrade to the station that was offered as part of the project the first time around.

  16. Yes, I noticed that. I guess that’s the trade-off for the \affordable” housing.”

  17. the first design was way more pleasing. 😛 and i like the idea of a station update.

  18. I’ve recently seen the press release for this. Part of it states that;\There are no windows to the boundary facing the station so there is no impediment to any future redevelopment of Dalston Kingsland Station. A financial contribution is proposed to support match funding towards the future refurbishment of the station. Proposals for the station improvements do not form part of this planning application.””

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