American queer couple looking for a short-term sublet

Hi! We’re Marc and Joel, creative types here in London for a time to make music and see the sights. We’re looking for a room or short-term sublet (one or two months or even shorter) somewhere in the Hackney area. We’re staying with friends in Stoke Newington at the moment. We’re clean, quiet, respectful, busy with projects and financially stable. Give me a call and we can talk, thanks, and have great day!Mobile:07871519965


  1. Hi Marc and JoelAre you looking to stay till the new year? We are looking for someone for a short term let till mid Jan possibly. Do you have an idea of what your budget is?ThanksSahar

  2. Hi @MarcR just making sure you’ve seen @Sahar ‘s response

  3. Hi Sahar! Yes, we would like to let until sometime in Jan. Our budget is at tops 700ppm. Thanks for replying!

  4. @sahar just checking you’ve seen @marcR ‘s response (an @ reply will send an email)

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