Alva/Shire Court, the Modular built flats on Lower Clapton Road

This isn’t a new planning application, but I thought the group may be interested in some more info about the modular build flats I live in on Lower Clapton Road as they are the only ones like it around.Spaceover – the company behind the modular build appear to no longer exist, but I did find the timelapse video of one of the blocks going up. My flat is made up of 3 of those green unitsIt was completed in 2005 with residents moving in on 2006, it went up super quickly, but hooking up electricity and water took ages, I waited 8 months before I could actually move in. It’s mainly a steel structure with concrete panels – which means it’s fairly easy to replace bits and get to the wiring etc, it’s also built pretty solidly and well sound and heat insulated


  1. The video wasn’t embedding properly, here it is again:

  2. Tetris!

  3. as @ewebber knows, I have a previous connection with this block through an old job. I was there just after completion, and have been in all of the Shire Court flats, and several of the Alva Court ones. The Housing Association involved did not cover itself in glory on this one.

  4. @marty21 no they didn’t (and continue along those lines), but the flats themselves are pretty nice. Shame spaceover seem to have disappeared. They also built some modular houses just outside London

  5. @ewebber, the flats are nice, very spacious, the people who moved into Shire Court were initially very happy to move in. Not sure how happy they are now to be honest. It’s a pity that Tesco’s were allowed to build below it. That commercial unit was unlet for about 6 years (Despite suggestions to Family Mosaic to put it into some sort of community use) .

  6. @marty21 I was pretty happy with the space and build quality compared to other shared ownership places I looked at – I’m still pretty happyWith that unit FM claimed they had marketed to community groups for years … I won’t go over the finer details of that right now, or I’ll be going on for ages and end up getting annoyed all over again!

  7. Are the modules made of shipping containers? They do look an awful lot like them!Some friends lived in a similar modular block in Stoke Newington (the front of which can be seen on street view) and it did seem quite cosy. They’re shared ownership too – I wonder if they were built by the same developers?”

  8. @martin – not shipping container, just covered in green plastic. I don’t think Spaceover did any others in Hackney, so maybe another company.

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