Algerian Groove Mechanism

An evening of hypnotic North African grooves in the presence of Seeds of Creation at Servant Jazz Quarters.Legendary Seddik Zebiri and his band will perform their latest numbers, portraying social, political prejudices, integration and local community life such as ”Hackney Vibes” or ”No Comments”; with an overflowing positive energy and original combination of traditional berber rhythms, jazz, funk, african blues. You will also have the pleasure to listen to hip -hop singer Jamila Zebiri, lead singer’s daughter, and dance on her addictive jazzy tune.The night will continue until 2am with DJ Ma ma Lulu on the decks playing fresh and zesty beats… exclusive one night only appearance.Location : Servant Jazz Quarters10a Bradbury Street, Dalston, N16 8JNLondon, United KingdomTime: From 8pm to 2am
Entry: £3 with flyer, £5 on the door