Ale festival featuring Kelham Island, my favourite brewery, from Sheffield

If anyone’s interested, just across the border into Islington is a beer festival this weekend at the Snooty Fox’re billing Kelham Island beers and fingers crossed they will feature the legendary Moonshine, my all time favourite tipple(’m planning to head over sometime Saturday and thought it might be up your collective streetsLet me know if you fancy co-ordinating – on here or Twitter @philsheardTa ta!


  1. I love that Kelham Island – sampled it several times in Hillborough Barracks after watching the Owls get tonked 5-0 be Scunthope or something. I may be persuaded to pop in for one in the afternoon – \hit me up” as the kids say on the Twitters.”

  2. Sounds good, but @alexpink and I aren’t around 🙁

  3. Yes, I’m certainly interested in having a couple of afternoon ales. I’m on 3 very tight deadlines, then kiddie duty, so mid afternoon would suit me best. You?As it happens, when I picked this up I was on the Overground so I got out a stop early at Canonbury and asked them what was on (Snooty Fox is opposite Canonbury station, btw). It’s all northern beers, 2 from Kelham Island. Pale Rider was one, he wasn’t sure about the other because he hadn’t set it all up yet.So, yes, up for a couple definitely. How do you want to coordinate it?

  4. Mid afternoon would suit me too, and sounds good for @psmith. Between 3 and 4pm? I’ll DM you my mobile number. Lou’s prob going to come down too.

  5. Should have said @patricksmithjournalist

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