Afterschool Creativity Club

Hi everyone! I am currently in the process of starting up an after school creativity club. I have been running similar clubs in South London but have recently moved to the area and feel that I should do a bit of research to see if the demand is there for this sort of club. It would be great to get some response – if I did start a club which would run in term time after school (4-5pm/ 5.15/6/15pm) would anyone be interested? The cost would be £40 per 6 week term and we would cover a wide range of subjects including painting, drawing, animation, illustration, textiles and sculpture. Ages 5-12 would be welcome and all materials and aprons would be provided. I have many years of experience working with children and am also a qualified illustrator and have a freelance practice alongside my work with children. It would be great to get some feedback – of any kind – if you think it would work, or any ideas on where the best places to market are etc etc! As I am fairly new to the area any tips would be appreciated. Katie.


  1. Hi KatieSounds good! Which area are you looking at?

  2. Apologies, I should have read your post properly…Clapton would be good, in particular close to Millfields Community School, which is a fairly large primary school. Rushmore school is also nearby. There is already a creative after school club called Artbash in the area, but i am sure the area can take more. Good luck!

  3. Hey! I think this sounds like a brilliant idea. I would be able to help you out, I have previously worked at a psychology clinic , helping kids with anxiety and think creative play is a great way to help kids relieve stress. I have references if you will need them.

  4. @katierosejohnston just checking you see @Jwooll ‘s  reply

  5. Hi guys Great thanks for the feed back. I won’t be starting the club until next year as have to plan and get insurance etc but great to know you think there is a demand. I am currently living in Bethnal green so was thinking of trying the schools around here first and up towards hackney and Victoria park. I have managed to get a fairly good deal on renting some space from the church next to the station so I think if I can get the numbers I may start there and hopefully all going well could expand to an area such as Clapton after the first term! Jwooll – I would most definitely be looking for an assistant at some point – let me know if you would still be interested and I can give you my contact details so you can send over some more information about your experience! Katie.

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