Afternoon tea?

I have a friend visiting from the States that really desperately wants to have a proper afternoon tea.  Is there anywhere in Hackney that serves one?


  1. Ugh. Hackney Empire Cafe used to serve an amazing tea and so cheaply. You could call and see if they reinstated it. I usually go to and book something that’s on offer. Not Hackney but City:§ionid=1&id=28&Itemid=3I think places like Violet’s Cakes are nice but they don’t do a full tea. My favourite one isn’t in Hackney or even the East End. it’s at the Cavendish BEHIND Fortnum and Mason and it rocks. Good luck and share what you find out. Maybe there’s a proper tea to replace the Empire’s amazing one.”

  2. Try us! We do afternoon teas to order, with scones and cakes baked in the cafe that morning, proper loose leaf teas from Postcard Teas, and real (crusty) clotted cream. Let us know what day you’re coming, how many people it’s for and how hungry you’ll be and we’ll arrange something to suit. We’re I Made It For You, 77 Pitfield Street. Send me an email ( if you’re interested, or take a look at our facebook page for more info:

  3. Haven’t personally tried these, but you could have a look at: in Stoke Newington. They’ve just had a revamp, and their afternoon tea was named ‘the best for homely atmosphere’ in the Telegraph, for what it’s worth (learnt this from their website not the Telegraph!) Or for a ‘reinvention’:

  4. Thanks for the advice everyone!  Hopsyturvy – I just ‘liked’ I Made It For You on facebook, and I’ll send you an email in a week to let you know when to expect us for tea.Janice – I emailed the Hackney Empire Cafe about their legendary afternoon tea… I’ll let you know if they decide to reinstate it 🙂  The Cavendish looks amazing; I may just have to try that one as well.

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