Affordable workshop space available in Clapton

Hello all I am helping to run a workshop, so it seemed like this would be an apt place to talk about it. We are based in upper Clapton. R.A.R.A is the Redundant Architects Recreation Association.We currently have a number of spaces free. During a time where economic inertia forces many in the architectural profession to do nothing, RARA is an energetic shared infrastructure that provides affordable space to do anything and everything.Welcome to the era of total creative freedom, the antithesis of the 9 – 5.  A platform to individual design practice, with a collaborative atmosphere. Despite the name RARA offers affordable space for any creative use and includes:-workstations-storage-large spill out space-groundfloor shutter access-a workshop with dust/fume extraction-use of tools Rates are from £125 per month full time we also offer shorter rents – anything from 1 hour up. We also have our own ale which is a bonus for people who like beer. If you are interested and would like to come and have a look please call me (Andrew) on 07725990695 or email Joe at We also run an open film night on Tuesdays which I will post about when I know more programme info. Andrew”


  1. Hi Andrew, Sounds like a great set up – especially the brewery bit! Have you got a table saw in the workshop? I’m stuck for space at the moment. Karl

  2. Hi Karl We currently dont have a table saw, we are just using a circular saw. We dont have a massive space for tools, so a table saw isnt really an option at this point unfortunately. We are in the process of getting a laser cutter though which will be nice! Andrew

  3. @andrewdfda – sounds like an interesting set up – are you around at weekends? @karlrees and any other makers – I’m looking for/thinking of setting up some workshop space to house the result of living with a long term power tool fetish. I’ve some longer term business ideas, but for now I need some space with decent dust extraction to play with some prototypes. Something like the space used by @londonfieldsbrewery would be ideal; may be a good thing to share with a small group of like minders. Anyone interested and going to tonights twee8 meet grab me, otherwise message me and we can grab a beer another time. Steve

  4. @ganly Sounds like you’ve got some interesting plans. Would love to hear more over a beer some time. Karl

  5. Hi Havent been on the forum for a while but we are around most days – give us a call and pop round and say hello! We have quite a few more tools now as well. We have a new website with all our details, We are also currently in the process of going official as a non profit co operative. Andrew

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