Adding images to your forum posts

yeah! Hackney doesn’t have the server space to enable users to store photos, but there are many other sites you can store photos on and show them within your posts to help illustrate what you are saying.

This guide will work for most image storage, but for images on Flickr, facebook and twitpic there are additional notes under Special Cases at the end of this post.

Step 1: Upload your image to a image hosting site

You can upload your photos to many image hosting website. e.g. I use Flickr, picasa and skitch. Other options are photobucket. If you photo is already on another website you can skip this step

Step 2: Insert your image into your blog post

You will need to find the image url, this is the unique address of that photo on the website it is on. You will find this by right clicking the image you want to use and choosing “copy image url”. The example below is using the Chrome browser, other browsers may differ slightly in their wording e.g. Firefox says “Copy image location” and Safari “Copy image address”

Right Click photo

Step 3: Add your image to yeah! Hackney

Once you have the url copied to your clipboard you can insert it into a post using the image button

text editor

Paste the image url you have on your clipboard into the first dialogue box and then a description of the image, you can leave the title if you want.

If you have done this correctly, your image will appear.

Special cases:

If you are using Flickr you follow the steps above from the sizes page or you can also just post the url of the page that the photo is on and yeah! Hackney will do the rest  **This only works for photos on flickr***

Do not use twitpic as they change the urls of the image files, it will work at first then the image will break.

For images in facebook you need to get the image page rather than the popup lightbox. To find the image page, first right click (or ctrl click on a mac) on the image on the Album page and choose “open link in new tab”. You can then follow the steps above.

Please leave any questions below


  1. flickr has an annoying right-click handler that shows a copyright message stopping us from getting the url link. Did a view page source to get the url for the image but doesn’t give me the warm glow of a url that’s likely to be permanent.

  2. 2 ways to go about flickr photos, either grab the url from the photo sizes page or yeah! Hackney has the ability to be able to pull the photo out if you just put the url of the normal photo page into a forum post
    e.g. (as part of the oEmded API) This only works with flickr

    That url is probably permanent, I don’t think they change them.

  3. Ah that’s nice – thanks 🙂

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