I am an obstetric acupuncturist running an acupuncture in pregnancy clinic in Shoreditch. Acupuncture is a fantastic and safe way of supporting pregnancy health and to deal with pregnancy discomforts. It is a multibed clinic which means we can keep the prices really low. (£20 for an hr). The clinic runs on Fri 9-1. To find out if it can help you or for more info phone Magdalena on 07940715762 or the clinic 0844 225 2054.


  1. Sounds great! Did we meet at the Mavis Kirkham talk?

  2. It wasnt me but possibly my maternity locum Jani. I have recently returned to work after having been at home with my baby. (I had a fantastic home birth with a fantastic Hackney midwife). If you’re interested in passing on my details to your clients I can post you some leaflets or give me a call.  M x

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