Activities for children aged 5-12 @ Dalston Eastern Curve

From the Dalston Eastern Curve Mailing list

Activities for children aged 5-12

We’ve got 7 days of activities over the Spring holidays. All childrens’ activities are free and take place from 2-5pm. Why not come early with a picnic?

Wednesday 13 April – Designing Fantasy Gardens

Local artist Nicola Plant, who ran the ‘Nest’ workshop at the Garden in February, is returning for three days during the first week of the holidays. On the first day children can design their own ‘fantasy garden’ using different textured materials collected from around the Garden.

Thursday 14 & Friday 15 April – Garden Dens

Nicola will be working with children and adults to make garden dens by weaving hazel branches. She will also be bringing along her interactive sculptures for visitors to assemble in the Garden….

Monday 18 April – Making Flying Birds

Now that Spring is well and truly here, the birds are getting busy in the Garden, building their nests and joining in their dawn chorus. Join Artists Steph Bedford and Tanya Andrew using recycled materials to create ‘bird’ art. The birds will be suspended from the roof of the Garden pavilion to be blown by the wind.

Tuesday 19 April – Scribble In the Garden

Nadia Gasper from Scribble Ink will introduce children to the poetry of different cultures and times, before going on a walk around the Garden, discovering the inspiration for their own poems. All of the poems will be collected in a special anthology of writing for the Garden’s website.For more information about Nadia and Scribble Ink, visit:

Wednesday 20 April – Bird Making

Steph Bedford and Tanya Andrew return for another day of bird making and working with clay.

Thursday 21 April – Making Scarecrows for the Garden

Amy Cooper of the Secret Seed Society will be helping children make scarecrows to keep the birds away from all the lovely vegetables, by building human size ‘Seed City’ vegetable characters for the beds in the Eastern Curve Garden. A workshop of design, stuffing, sticking, sewing and styling using hay, newspaper, old textiles, plastic bags and lots of string. For more information on the Secret Seed Society visit www.secretseedsociety.comAll the children’s workshops are free and suitable for ages 5-12. Children should be accompanied by an adult.