Active and recent developments in the area.

Hi all,

I wondered if you guys could help me. I’m trying to get an understanding of all major (over 10 homes) developments that have happened or might happen in the local area that are within the boundaries of Lea Bridge Road, Lower Clapton Road, Homerton High Street and the canal.

Here is the information I have so far and the blanks I need to fill in. Any help would be much appreciated.

Name: Matchmakers wharfDeveloper: Telford 258 Affordable homes: 120Other uses: 50 artist studiosS106 contribution: Name: Paradise ParkDeveloper: Vision Affordable homes:Other uses: S106 contribution: £340,000

There might be many others much smaler of around 10 units – any ideas?



  1. (Bump) Anyone?

  2. @euan have you had a look through Family Mosaic’s current builds? They build a lot round ‘ere

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