So what do people think about the idea of Accessibility as suggested in the presentation? A few years ago the council closed off many of the streets in the area for cars making it less accessible. Should cars be given the same priority as bicycles and pedestrians? Many of the traders on Chatsworth Road think that free parking on the street is important, but will this just encourage people to drive instead walk or cycle? What do people think?


  1. I think it’s an interesting point, from a personal point of view as someone who doesn’t drive and not a big fan of cars in cities I’d immediately want to say close it off. But then again a lot of people do drive for a lot of different reasons and without better public transport would that just stop people coming to the area? If people have to walk then they aren’t going to buy a lot of stuff to have to carry home, and didn’t closing certain streets off (like Glyn Rd) just increase traffic to other streets (like Chatsworth Road).I think some careful trafic restrictions may make a big difference, if Chats Rd was less of a cut through and more of a destination and this would reduce the amount of traffic thundering through from Lea Bridge Rd.

  2. The trouble as I see it with Chatsworth road is that its a major cut through. However making the road permanently traffic free could have a damaging effect in more ways than one. Lose of trade and a rise in anti social behavior for example. I always find that pedestrianised city centres/high streets have an unpleasant feel about them.Perhaps the road could be closed at certain times of the day for a limit period. Shoppers could benefit during the day and cars during in rush hour.I do think that it should be closed when the market is on. And by doing so you could use it as an opportunity to encourage people not to use their car for the day. Ask Boris to throw in some bikes, and get local bike shops involved.

  3. I don’t think anyone would suggest removing traffic from Chatsworth Road – but what about allowing free parking on it? What would the effect of that be?

  4. I think free parking would increase trade. I presume it would be restricted to an hour though?

  5. I think the traders are being disingenuous about free parking on the street. I am in the heart of the parade and have observed that many of them park all day there (either keeping an eye out for wardens or using disabled badges). I do not believe it would increase trade since there are plenty of pay and display now.I think an increase in cycle parking is a must!I objected to the road closures oin the ground that it wodl funnel all traffic down Chats rather than lettign is disperse through the area. The Council said Chats (despite its residents and bus routes) said it was more suitable to take all the traffic than the feeder roads (go figure).I think pavement parking is an access issue as is the overnight storage of traders stuff (goods shelving, crates etc) on the street. But i am sure I am in a minority here as i guess it does affect enrvionmmental quality rather than veh/ped access

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