This is the Yeah! Hackney website. An independent social network and community forum.

Yeah! Hackney was set up to celebrate the great things and people in the borough, foster positive actions and help create a platform for local people to share, discuss and collaborate. The website has now been archived, but has been left online as a snapshot of history in Hackney.

It wasn’t not just another blog, the community create the content, not administrators. Any member could create a blog post, comment on other posts and add events.

Who is behind yeah! Hackney?

Yeah! Hackney was launched in late 2010 and was created by its community manager and website administrator Emily Webber.

Yeah! Hackney does not have a full time team or any funding behind it and Emily has a day job so can’t always respond quickly, but if you contact her, please be patient and she will respond when she can.

You can also find us on twitter.


We don’t like too many rules, but we have to have some in place to help keep everything friendly, so here goes:

Content should only be about things within the London borough of Hackney, If you are in doubt about where the Hackney borders are, have a look at the map over here. This helps keep Yeah! Hackney manageable.

Keep it legal, keep it positive, keep it about the things that make this borough a great place and most importantly be nice to each other. We don’t like aggressive behaviour, passive or otherwise, if you see anyone being troll like, disrespectful to each other or anyone, racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, fraudulent, unfriendly, or making personal comments about another member let me know and I’ll do something about it. Remember that people have differing opinions, respect this and don’t intimidate people into not offering theirs.

Yeah! Hackney is not responsible for content posted on the forums, by posting content (including words, images and videos) on the website means that you confirm that you have the rights to use it and have made the proper credits where necessary, Yeah! Hackney will defer any claims otherwise to the original poster.

We welcome Hackney based independent businesses owners to get involved in the conversation, but if you want to advertise on the website or post about your business then you also need to take out a paid for advert, this helps cover the costs of running the website (including hosting) and makes it fair for those who have paid for an advert.

Spamming members or repeating the same post is annoying to everyone please don’t do it, repeated posts will be closed or removed.

Anyone found breaking these rules may have their account suspended and / or have content removed, if you have any questions about this please get in touch.

We may change these rules from time to time, please check back to make sure you are up to date with them.


Content on this site is created by the community, Yeah! Hackney does not take responsibility for the content that it’s members post, however if you see something posted that you think belongs to you and breaks your own licensing terms get in touch.

If you want to use content on Yeah! Hackney, please contact the person who posted it for permission, if in doubt get in touch.

You may not repost content from Yeah! Hackney, but where you use information you find out from Yeah! Hackney elsewhere, show the love and include a link back to the original content.


Yeah! Hackney will not give it’s members data to anyone else. It will be only be used to send notifications about the website depending on your own personal settings and the occasional website update.