ABC Cinema Mare street

I found this photo on flickr:

(photo from kencta)

The ABC cinema on Mare street designed by William R. Glen and built in 1936. It was knocked down and is now an Iceland :(More here: more Hackney cinemas here:


  1. Wow, what a beaut! Good find. Who is responsible for pulling this down and replacing it with Iceland? I will find you..

  2. Ohhh more looking found this: From this article on East End Cinemas

  3. ooh! is this where the jobcentre is now? ps DUH now i read the rest. so it’s the iceland at well street/mare street?

  4. Well I saw \Rabid” there in 1977 when I was living in a bedsit at 61 Lauriston Road so I can confirm it was a working cinema then and am sorry to have seen it disappear like so many others. One of the saddest is at Leyton where you just have the glazed tile front and original staircase it’s now a community centre but at least the building still stands unlike Mare St. Such is life…”

  5. I saw Disney’s ‘Aristocats’ there when it came out (a long time ago), we enjoyed the film so much we hid behind the seats and stayed in to watch it again! The B&W photo is as I remember it – nice one!

  6. Some photos from the awesome stream of dusashenka

  7. Was this the Regal?

  8. @primrose yes it was The Regal see the cinematreasures link on the top post.

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