A new restaurant on Dalston Lane

I am thinking about opening a bar/deli/restaurant on Dalston Lane near the station and I want your opinions on the location. Some have said it is suicide, but I think its a good location with great potential. What is your opinion?


  1. @elizaflan it sounds like a great idea (not just because it’s walking distance from me), that stretch is on the up, you just have to see how busy the Pembury Tavern has been getting and how many people go to Mess Cafe just down the road, you’ll also have the morning commuters / after work drinkers popping in.
    @chaseandsorensen are planning a new shop near there too

  2. @elizaflan I reckon it depends what kind of restaurant, and whereabouts on Dalston Lane. It’s a very varied road. You say \near the station” do you mean Dalston Junction or Hackney Downs?”

  3. Sounds like a winner to me. Apart from A Little of What You Fancy there aren’t too many good places for an evening bite near the junction (bar the innumerable amazing Turkish places on the High St of course). Deli would be a handy one for all those Dalston Square types too.

  4. The location is next to Hackney Downs Station, near Amhurst Rd..

  5. Ah, the other station on Dalston Lane… Still sounds good of course.

  6. hi @elizaflan, starting a catering business is going to be scary for anyone, but in my opinion if it’s friendly and serving great food, then I reckon you’ll do well. Clearly you have a sense of community (otherwise you wouldn’t be on here, would you?), so I think locals will appreciate that. Also, you’ll be benefitting from being right where the commuters are, so the footfall should be good. Go for it – I know I’ll be visiting!

    On another note, NEVER EVER am I going back to L’eau à la Bouche on Broadway market, the queue was horrendous, our 2 quiches came burnt, and the waiters were awkward about it. I seem to remember I already said a few years ago I wouldn’t go back – I must have been distracted…

  7. @elizaflan I think this is a really good idea too, for the same reasons others have stated – it definitely seems like this immediate area is on the up. I think it always takes a few good quality businesses to open to give a clear signal that an area is improving, and I hope you benefit very much from the positive changes that seem to be going on round there. Out of interest, what kind of food are you thinking of offering in your restaurant? Good luck with your venture anyway!

  8. @elizaflan A few hundred metres from my house then. Certainly not \suicide” but I would be careful what part of the business (bar deli or restaurant) to plan to be dominant. I’ve always thought that that area is crying out for a decent coffee and sandwich shop – if you opened early to catch the commuters too busy for a home breakfast I think there’s a good profit waiting. The neaby Village cafe is strickly builders breakfasts (not a criticism). I would be careful though with an evening restaurant or bar. Unless you can create a real “wow” to pull them in it can be a quiet area in the evening. I’d have a chat with Healthy Stuff who have recently opened a cafe/health shop just up the road.”

  9. Sounds great to me. The rent in Dalston and Broadway market must be at an all time high, so better to go somewhere where you’ll have a chance of making a profit. I guess your difficulty will be making it affordable to the masses. For example; I was chatting to an old lady on Broadway Market the other day who complained that she couldn’t afford to shop there, despite having lived in the area for the last 20 odd years.I’m sure if you focus on the important issues, quality, service, friendliness then you’ll do just fine, and I wish you luck.PS as a Yeah! Hackney member do we get a free coffee 🙂

  10. I find that area a bit tricky for people who don’t live right by it. I only recently discovered there’s a small Tesco’s round there now when I walked to the Rio (I bet it’s been there for years now). Few people venture past the station or the Pembury Tavern by accident. So you really need something special there or get the locals somehow. I second being careful with an evening restaurant or bar, although the area in general is crying out for something decent. Good luck!

  11. @simone that Tesco Express opened about 5 months ago (part of their Hackney takeover). What it does show is that there is a consumer market in the area or that store wouldn’t have bought up there, so it’s a good indicator.
    Even if that wasn’t the case, I think people do travel for good food (and coffee) just look at Mouse and de Lotz or the Hackney Pearl, both in places where there isn’t a great deal else.

  12. oooh by the way @elizaflan do you know what coffee you are planning to sell?

  13. I”ve really appreciated all your feedback and carefully considered responses.. It’s been really helpful. So the consensus so far is do it, but make sure it’s great.. And that’s what I plan to do! I’ll keep you all posted on the progress!

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